RG59 Cable

The RG59 is a low cost co-ax type cable, ideal for sending composite video signal back to video equipment such as DVRs, quads and Monitors

It loses only 2.5dB of signal per 100M length and as a rule of thumb, the maximum loss of video signal should be kept to 6dB or less. This equates to a maximum run, without the aid of an amplifier, of 240M. These runs can be extended even further up to 500M when using an amplifier.

Composite CCTV Cable
Composite Cable

Our RG59+2 composite cable allows you to send power and a video signal down just the one cable.

Using one cable for both power and video saves installation time and materials.

PTZ Combo Cable
PTZ Cable

Our PTZ Combo Cable allows you to send power, data and a video signal down just the one cable: simplifies installation of PTZ cameras.

CAT5 Cable

CAT5 cable has become increasingly popular for CCTV installations. It is easy to install and produces excellent results with clear video signals over considerable distances.

Our CAT5-CCTV cable has been developed jointly by ourselves and a major cable manufacturer to provide superb results in video signal transmission. Featuring quality copper cores, it can often outperform standard computer CAT5 producing a better picture quality over longer distances